Local Wildlife Sites

This local list of LWS in the Parishes of Sunninghill & Ascot and Sunningdale is extracted from the list of sites identified on the TVERC website. They were previously known as Wildlife Heritage Sites.

  • Kings Beeches

  • Mount Pleasant

  • Woodland on west edge of Coworth Park - this includes Coworth Copse and Granny Kettle Wood

  • Ascot Heath - Ascot Racecourse

  • Ash Covert

  • Birch Copse

  • Blythewood (Parish site not on TVERC list)

  • Grassland Near Cheapside

  • Platts Firs, Penslade Bottom, Fireball Hill

  • Silwood Park (including Cascade Bridge)

  • Allen's Field - off Liddell Way, South Ascot

  • Woodland West of Ascot Station

  • The Wells

  • St. Georges Lane - Fields

  • Tom Green's Field (Parish site not on TVERC list)

Click here to link to find the Windsor and Maidenhead List and Map via TVERC

Extract from TVERC: They include important and rare habitats and species. The 42,000 LWS in England (covering 5% of land) are essential in conserving wildlife in the UK and halting the loss of biodiversity. LWS create a better connected landscape of wildlife buffers, corridors and stepping stones so that the countryside is more resilient to the pressures of modern living and climate change. LWS are protected from harmful development through the planning system but as most sites are in private ownership, their long-term survival depends upon the interest and goodwill of their land managers and owners.