Ideas for helping wildlife make a home in your garden

> Give wildlife access through your garden. Leave small gaps in your fencing or hedge.

Or scoop a tunnel underneath.

> Hang a bird feeder in your garden and enjoy watching the species it attracts.

> Leave dead wood around, or bury it in the soil. It’s good for beetles and other beneficial insects, fungi and mosses.

> Allow ivy to grow – it’s a late source of autumn nectar for insects, late winter fruit for birds and provides good cover for hibernating bats.

> Put up a nesting box for birds, make a home for a hedgehog, a bat roost or an insect hotel.

> If you don’t have room for a pond in your garden, you could install a bird bath.

> Don’t burn or bag all your leaves in autumn. Collect them into a pile to make a home for hibernating hedgehogs.

> Let an area of lawn grow wild or seed an area with wild flowers to create an amazing summer display for bees.

> Don't use chemicals – try organic pest control measures.

> Leave out a bowl of water and some cat food to support visiting hedgehogs. Don't give them milk. It's bad for them.

> Always check for wildlife before using a strimmer or lighting a bonfire.