Nationwide Surveys

This page has links to ongoing UK based surveys which need your input.

PTES runs citizen science surveys all the time - click here to find out what you can get involved with - some are in your garden some are out in the countryside and the mammals on roads survey you can do on car journeys.

UK Barn Owl records

Record your sightings of Barn Owl nests, roost sites, and sightings (dead or alive), anywhere in the UK here at the Barn Owl Trust website.

Buglife's Bugs Matter survey runs from the start of June to end of August and anyone making a car journey can add valuable data to our nationwide picture of our flying insect population. Details here:

The process is simple:

  • Clean the number plate before making an essential journey in a vehicle.

  • When you reach your destination, count the bugs squashed on the number plate using a ‘splatometer’ grid that will be posted to you when you sign up.

  • A photo and details must then be submitted via the app.

Click here to Record Reptiles and Amphibians that you've seen to help with conservation on a local and national level. The Record Pool collects data on herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians) in the UK and to makes it available, locally and nationally, for conservation purposes. You can also view the recorded data on a map and click see what has been recorded in a 10 km square. The pink and red squares have data but make it difficult to see where you are on the map!!

Click here to make a record for The Mammal Society and become part of their ever-growing network of experts and enthusiasts all working to survey, monitor, research and conserve mammals, learn more about them and secure their future in the British Isles.

OPAL Bugs Count Survey

Join a nationwide bug hunt. The best time to do this survey is from May to November. Do you know what bugs are living near you? Take part in Bugs Count and discover the incredible variety of invertebrates that make their homes around us. Find as many bugs as you can in timed challenges and keep a special eye out for the six Species Quest bugs.

OPAL's national citizen science surveys

The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) network is a UK-wide citizen science initiative led by Imperial College. There are a wide range of surveys to carry out and lots of useful information to help you do them.

Click here to get to their surveys page

People's Trust for Endangered Species

Great Stag Hunt - Stag beetles are one of Britain's most impressive, largest and rarest beetle. The stag beetle is a protected species and only found in a few areas in southern Britain including round here. You are only likely to see the adults between May to August but may come across the larvae if you are digging in an area with rotting wood. You can also map your log pile and learn how to make one here.

Add your stag beetle sightings to the annual Great Stag Hunt

Map your Hedgehog sighting

There is a big project run by Hedgehog Street and supported by PTES to map hedgehogs across the UK. Please take the time to record your hedgehog sighting on the map here.

Tip: you have to click on and drag the red marker (in the Peak District) close to your sighting location before you zoom in then gradually get it in the correct location or use the find my location button and it will take the marker to your current location. The satellite button is useful to get the right place once zoomed in. You can browse the map of hedgehog records here where you can also map the holes you have made to permit free movement of hedgehogs through your garden fences.