Green Corridors

A green corridor, wildlife corridor or habitat corridor is an area of habitat connecting wildlife populations separated by human activities or structures such as towns and roads.

Habitat fragmentation is an ever-increasing threat to biodiversity, and habitat corridors are a possible mitigation. Corridors may also help facilitate the re-establishment of populations that have been reduced or eliminated.

The green corridors in our area provide routes for ground based flora and fauna to travel between Windsor Forest, Swinley Forest and Chobham Common. The green corridors follow existing waterways and woodland. In some places development has already created obstructions but by registering our green corridors we aim to prevent further problems and to try and improve the connectivity across our area.

Green corridors through the parishes of Sunninghill and Ascot and Sunningdale have been given some protection in our Neighbourhood Plan which was adopted with a 91% Yes vote in the referendum on 27th March 2014.