Past Events

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Wednesday 15th May 

Working Party at Ascot Heath Primary School - Infant school wildlife garden:  cut grass, turned and processed compost heaps, put compost into two tyres ie fig tree and empty tyre and weeded raised beds. 

Saturday 11th May 

Conservation work at Allens Field - we had a look at the nest boxes we installed 2 years ago and were pleased to be able to confirm that several were in use. We walked around the site identifying work to be done by ourselves and where we need RBWM action.

Green veined white at Allens Field

Sunday 5th May

Dawn Chorus walk in Mill Ride Golf Club.  A beautiful morning with 23 species heard/seen on International Dawn Chorus day!

Thursday 2nd May

Annual maintenance of the Carnation Hall pollinator patch next to the entrance. Weeding, planting and seed sowing. 

Dawn Chorus Walk

Carnation Hall Pollinator Patch

Sunday 14th April 

We had a lovely morning for our Dawn Chorus walk along the PROW beside Great Pond led by David Calcutt who identified the birdsong for us. We also saw a couple of racing roe deer, several grey squirrel and a muntjac. On our way back 3 swallows flew across in front of the group.

Saturday 13th April  

Conservation work at Allens Field - We extended the dead hedging protecting the pond and cut back new rhododendron and laurel growth. We also carried out the first pollinator count of the year, on a patch of flowering dandelions, using the National FIT survey technique.  

FIT count quadrant

orange ladybird - Halyzia sedecimguttata 

Thursday 21st March

Annual Maintenance on Victory Field wildflower patch. A lot of grass had grown so we cleared some patches and sowed more seeds as well as removing the dead stalks and some bamboo encroaching. Hopefully this will result in some summer colour for pollinators.

Wednesday 13th March

Working Party at Ascot Heath Primary School - Infant school wildlife garden. 

Saturday 9th March

Conservation work at Allens Field - We maintained the steps from the field into the woodland which had been affected by the rain and restored the fence protecting the pond from passing dogs.  

Monday 26th February

Wildlife in Ascot Quiz and social gathering at the Stag Pub in Ascot High Street. We had re cord numbers making up 16 teams. It was a bit of a squeeze with some in a second room and Malcolm did a fantastic job of running between the two making sure we all had the questions and answers. Congratulations to our winners: The Beggars from Binfield Environmental group.

Saturday 10th February 

Conservation work at Allens Field - We created a long dead-hedge style wood pile in the woods to clear the ground for plants to grow and provide insect habitat and bird cover. We also planted a few silver birch saplings. 

Wednesday 24th January

Working Party at Ascot Heath Primary School - Infant school wildlife garden.